The small moments

Miracles come in moments.
Wayne Dyer



It is the small moments that count. I often feel  the happiest when I am walking my dog across her favourite park. The one with the wide open field, and the woods tucked away at its edge. Lately the sun has been spectacular. I love the way the rays soak everything around it and light up woodland paths and fields of grass. My dog, my dear little companion, sniffs the air, and rolls in grass with a look of absolute bliss and then gets up to take me to squirrels she loves to chase but can never catch. In the summer, I often want to lay down in this soft grass, with a book. with my companion curled up beside me. I also like to lie on my back and look at the endless canvas of blue sky, and remember when my son was 4 or even 5, and we would look up at the sky, on our backs in our summer garden.


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