Painting beauty: Artist Victoria Dennis

Victoria Dennis understands the language of flowers and all things beautiful, because she is able to capture them so magnificently in her paintings and drawings. She is an inspiration as an artist because of the way she uses lines, colour and a silent rhythm in her work. For me, there is also a feeling of harmony and balance in her work. And a feeling of peace.

Wall painting (Acrylic) Trompe L’oeil

Floral wall painting

Artist, Victoria Dennis

Wall painting Trompe L’oeil technique (Acrylic)

Trompe L’oeil is a tool used to create space and dimension. I love the way it makes the wall painting stand out as if it is an actual wall hanging and not a painting. I also love how convincing her gorgeous bathroom curtains are. They flow beautifully and at first glance, it is easy to mistake paint for fabric.

Dennis also sketches. She sketches houses, in pen and ink. She is a skillful artist with an eye for detail and a talent for capturing beauty in all mediums.

Where does inspiration come from?   For me it comes from the world around us.  Nature is my most meaningful source of inspiration for paintings and drawings…the colour combinations and their intensities, hues, shadows and light sources, the interspatial  relationships.  See the world through different discerning eyes.  There is much to behold.
Other sources of inspiration can be everyday household objects like designs on wrapping paper, greeting cards, china dishes,  flyers from a nursery, or photographs.  I keep a file of scraps of paper torn out of magazines, fancy serviettes, any thing that appeals to my eye. If you are a creative person or one who wants to be more creative, open your eyes and appreciate what you see.  Don’t be afraid of making a mistake.  Some of my most creative designs grew out of mistakes.  They force you to think out of the box, problem solve.  Your confidence will grow as your work of art grows. -Victoria Dennis




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