Remembering Rome


I visited a pizzeria recently that is located within a quaint little village. My family and I shared two small pizzas which were quite generous.One had bacon, sausage and pepperoni on a buffalo cheese layered pizza. Hot peppers that were not visible to the naked eye, were certainly noticed by my mouth but seemed to add a delicious flavour. The other had buffalo mozzarella as well and asparagus with a sunny side egg in the centre. We shared a huge bowl of Caesar salad that had fresh crumbled bacon inside and a roasted lemon which gave it an incredible zest. The food was delicious and the wonderful aroma alone, brought back memories of the pizzerias in Rome. As a child I was impressed with the exquisite smell that came from the ones that faced the bustling  streets with their crowded patios.It was a memory that reawakened as I took a bite from the expertly prepared pizza and inhaled the familiar scent that belonged to a different time in a different country.


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