The coffee shop
Is alive with
And the sound of clinking cuttlery
And the aroma of coffee.
Even the mustard yellow walls seem vibrant
And the glow of golden light
Streaming from the large square window
Seems to take part
In the mid morning
Midsummer rhythm of this downtown
Cafe. -J. Hamilton

willow tree


Under your shadows
Basking in your silence
In childhood days;
My head resting on the earth
My gaze watching your outstretched limbs
Touch the sky.
This is a sacred place
Where I come
To give you my secrets
-to close my eyes
And think of your breath on my face
On a hot day.
And how I give you my dreams
And how each dream
And you hold them
In safe-keeping .

-J. Hamilton


emerging moon

One summer evening
We sat in the shadow of trees
read stories,
Listened to the sound of crickets
And a foraging squirrel near by.
Above us,
A drowsy baby raccoon
Sat on top of the pergola
Among the thick green and purple tangles
Of the grape vine.
Bruised and crushed grape skins
Spotted the flagstone floor.
You swatted a fly with your hand,
Your sister rested her head

On my knee

Faced a milky sliver of moon.
It was us
And our stories
And and an
Emerging moon.
J. HamiltonCameraZOOM-20140725131234328