Adriana Montgomery’s Spring Tree

adriana montgomery tree

The Spring Tree by Adriana Montgomery – Acrylic and oil paint

I find inspiration in nature and in art. I love the way Artist Adriana Montgomery captures both in her beautiful paintings. All of her paintings have gorgeous lines and vibrant colours and one particular painting of hers comes to mind titled Spring Tree. This piece displays such amazing artistry in terms of both technique and the incredible use of acrylic and oil. I love trees and I love her own connection to trees. Her love of nature comes through in her work. She draws a sense of peace and inspiration for her work from her own surroundings. Whether it is walking on a beach with her husband and children, or in her backyard, with her beloved beagle, surrounded by forest, Adriana is able to channel all that beauty into her work.


2014-06-26 19.59.57


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