Faded letters

faded letters

The other day

i found faded letters,

flight reservations and family pictures
inside the dust-lined pages of a book
you left behind.
I keep brittle flower petals
in mine,

you kept written treasures and a life in photographs in your own.
In it
the contents of an earlier life
the person you were before you became
my father.
The young artist who studied art in Rome,
who was offered his first job,
who bought a plane ticket

so he could start a new life

in a new land with his

young family.
In it
were pictures of my mother
and my strawberry blond-haired sister
at 3
In front of a red rose bush-
the same deep red of my sister’s hat.

In all the times
i looked for clues of you
and messages
to decode
in the hieroglyphics
you painted on your pottery,
i never knew
that pieces of you
were waiting to
be discovered
within the time curled pages
of a beloved book.-J.Hamilton


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