Poetry happens everyday…accidental and intentional

Illustrated Poetry

As may be apparent from other posts (like this one or this one), I am a big fan of finding poetry in my everyday life: on my commute to work, in books I read, online – the list goes on and on. This first example came about from a setting in an iPhone app combined with my laziness. I have this photography app – Hipstamatic – set to alternate “random” filters/film/lens combinations; overall this is fun and produces interesting results. But one of the filters overlays captions onto the images and mostly I find this one annoying (but not enough to do anything about it!) – but every now and then it produces a “poetic” gem…


Photographs (various locations around Boston) and composition by me – caption “poems” by Hipstamatic.

Recently, I read an excellent post on the blog Dark Ecologies by S.C. Hickman about Dante Alighieri’s poetry where one of…

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