The Equinoxial Garden

In Jim's Garden

As the summer sun sets into autumn,  ???????????????????????????????

the final rays of the season of warmth and light kiss Mary and her elephant ears.  ???????????????????????????????

The equinoxial garden is looking a bit ragged,  DSC04099

though the landscape is yet green and vibrant.DSC04475

Plenty of life and color remain to entertain the gardener.  ???????????????????????????????

The various zinnia patches embrace the season with the zest we have come to expect of them.???????????????????????????????


Sharing their light and soil???????????????????????????????

with a wildflower  ???????????????????????????????

or two. ???????????????????????????????

The woods are ready to emerge back into the light.  ???????????????????????????????

The dense canopy of maple trees has performed brilliantly this summer, protecting the woodland flowers from the harsh sun.

Bloodroot, Queen of the spring forest, has enjoyed the shady summer amidst the trees.???????????????????????????????

So has the wild ginger.???????????????????????????????

as has the Jack-in-the-Pulpit, though all that remains of that crafty plant is his stunning seed head.???????????????????????????????

As we move on from summer, we must give…

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