We walked once
On a midsummer day
Through a graveyard.
Blinded by the sun
And giddy
With our new found freedom.
we were children
And we wandered
Through the city streets
To the place where
The dead were buried.
Your cloud of chestnut hair
Clinging to the sweat on
Your milkwhite skin,
You walked in a daze
Stumbling accidentally over a crumbling headstone.
There were so many headstones
Like this
Ancient and broken
Like the bones beneath.
We thought of the worms in the earth
Making their way through years of decay
But then
We heard church bells
And saw a pastor standing there
By the ivory church
His gown billowing,
The toppled grave stone
And the earth worms were forgotten.
A wedding ceremony was in progress
And we listened to
Organ music
Echoing through the heavy open
Oak door
smelled the fragrance of flowers wafting through the sleepy graveyard.
We walked past the graves,
The grass tickling our feet
To the road that would take us through
The bustling city core
Past the bakeries
And tea rooms
And past the ice cream parlors
Which left us with a deep thirst.
I think I managed to find some change
At the bottom of my pockets
And we shared a soda
In the stifling summer heat.
We walked and looked inside store windows
looking at chocolates
And parcels in gold wrapping.
We roamed through neighborhoods
With tree lined streets
And lawns so soft and so inviting
-we kicked off our shoes
And lay in the grass
Until we could stand again.
We weren’t afraid of becoming lost.
We weren’t afraid of becoming too tired
To continue walking
Though our blistered feet ached.
Happiness was unmarred by anything.
Not broken.

We grew.

And the earth knew what i did not.
Deep in the earth
Were things that could not be unbroken.
-I wished that
In its place
a tree would grow
And be your shelter. By J. Hamilton


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