haven. For David



It is always so hard

To leave

The little haven between the mountains

And the Georgian bay.

It keeps a part of me here,

-More than memory.

It is where we lay in the darkness

And loved

While it thundered outside of

Your family’s cabin

So long ago.

Then years passed

And our daughter took her first steps

Not far from the path of

White birch trees

Where we walked as our children grew.

She danced here

One spring.

The same day our son

Found himself walking in the

Mountains he loved.

First the caves drew him in

Then one day in May

While his sister waited

To dance,

In the wings,

He climbed to the edge

Of a blue misted mountain

-taking a picture of the world below.

The place

Where we vacationed with our dog,

Walked underneath white birch trees

And felt the curve of the long




our feet.


It is where my soul always stays

Long after we have returned home.

-J. Hamilton

i always dreamt

I always dreamt of the house


Steps took me to secret passageways

Behind walnut doors

That seemed concealed in their own darkness.

I loved this house

With its spiralling staircases and sprawling rooms

-its  high ceilings

And its warm woody scent.

I used to think that when the floor boards creaked

The people who once lived here

Long ago

Were behind me.

When I slept there

The wind moaned through the cracks in the window

-the sound of trapped voices

Of souls who never left.

In the daylight I would stroll through

The vast spaces in the house

Past the guest rooms

And the sunroom

With the antique vanity

And veils of light throughout.

I would meet you

In the attic

Through the secret


Hours shared here


Both of us

Leaving our childhood

And beginning something

So brief

In the stifling summer air

Of that room.

Your breath;

Our giddiness

In that room

Tucked away from everything

Including time



After so much time

I wonder

If yours is the voice that will always remain

In the room

That was bare

Except for the shadow of trees all around us.

J. Hamilton