Heaven and earth



I find myself in the plane you flew,

though this time you are the passenger

and I; the pilot.

I have always feared this place in the baking sun

where  you tell me

to steer


though you are the one

who guides me from earth to sky,

never letting go.

This time,

as all those times before,

my heart

beats loudly in my ears.

you sit behind me

as you always did

but this time i

am in charge,

you say.

I realize that I am flying this plane,

not you.

I don’t want to do this,

I say.

You tell me,

it’s my turn

to fly.

I prepare my descent



like a bird

in midflight.

it is when your glider

touches the earth,

that I realize

you are not there,

and I am alone.

I wake up

in  bed,

my heart pounding loudly


and I know


somewhere between heaven and earth

We glided and soared,

before it was time for me to return to my world

and you

to yours.

By J. Hamilton










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