At the very top of a cotton bag

filled with your clothes


a beige summer hat with a butterfly stitched into its fabric.

I remember you in this hat

sitting on a patio

with sunlight dancing across your face.

And your beautiful

oversized movie-star glasses


your delicate features.

I managed to keep those glasses

along with your summer hat

your floral tops

a cotton nightgown

that you were saving for summer months-And

a flannel nightgown you wore many times,

-I remember hugging you in.

And a small box of treasures

from Italy;

including two orphaned earrings that I hope to turn into a pendant,

something to always remind me of you.

For now

I cannot sort through the contents of this bag,

but I know when I do

Your perfume will envelope me

like the scent of stargazer lilies

that leave their scent

in a room they once occupied.

By J. Hamilton











Dedicated to my mother – butterfly

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