Finding hope

via Finding hope


Finding hope

She once said

Life was bitter sweet

Like the first time  one ever loved

And that love ended too soon.

That’s all I could think of

As I watched the ventilator pushing air into her lungs,

Dry blood around her lips like crushed petals. Het trademark,

The beautiful lilac birthmark

That sat high up on her cheek

Disappeared into her paleness.

All I could do was imagine her

Waking up,

Her beautiful

Blue crystal eyes

Meeting mine,

And my heart saying,

I am so glad you are here.

Stay with me a little longer.

It isn’t time for you to go.

I am not ready to let you go.

But her  eyes remained shut

And she

slipped away

Before I could be by her side. The machines that kept her alive would suddenly be silent.

And it was bitter sweet


To have loved her

And lost her,

To find the strength to remember

how she  believed in hope and finding hope

By thinking of the most beautiful things.

By j. Hamilton








It felt like spring today

With the melting snow in my herb garden,

Uncovering fragrant mint leaves

And parsley.

The red limbs of my dogwood

Dripped in rain

And underneath them;

Where my children once played

-Under tangled leaves

Was a tunnel

For wintering animals:

And around it,


By j. Hamilton




dark path

the darkness at night


our ghosts;

the memories of who we were

when we stumbled upon spaces

and claimed them as ours.

those pieces

like broken glass

leave their slivers inside us.

And as the night closes in

the ache of recollection

takes on shapes

in this slumbering place. – J. Hamilton














the sound of your heart


i wanted your story to end like this




-both of us looking up at the light that spills into your room

streaming across your bed

-kissing yout face.

my head on yout heart ear listening to its music

while you stroke my tangled hair like you had done many times before.

the sound of your heart

my first and last lullaby.

you close your eyes as if to sleep

and i hear the final notes of your song.











J. Hamilton