Rain thicken the skies, shapes the landscape


Heavy rain wet the forest, dances in streams,

bending bilberry shrubs placed upon mossed stones

while running rills near here on through the thicket


Stumbling roots ― Diverting wounds


There!, Sunbeamembraced wild trees

hidden mountainwreathed wasteland

strengthens what memories miraged:


Strangely Reality have been branched



There lye an arrow in the rain, shot,

brought, stuck into a forsaken heart


Sent silenced, bittered and lived




Rained in sea


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view from my hammock

CameraZOOM-20140629183825857Up above me

Is tree and sky.

Beneath me

Thick orange

striped fabric cradles me.

A slight wind

Is moving the thin brown

Limbs of the cedar tree.

I feel drowsy with sleep.

The lullaby of evening birds

And the gentle rocking of the hammock

Makes me think of

My first summer

In my mother’s arms.

-J.  Hamilton

the sweet life of cupcakes



Growing up, I was always mesmerized by the homemade chocolate cupcakes made by mothers and grandmothers at bake sales. I loved the thick layer of vanilla or chocolate icing on top. Sometimes some of those deliciously sweet cupcakes were covered in a heap of sprinkles and I would love to pick them off and eat them while savoring the sugary taste. The icing was next. Followed by the crumbly mini cake.

I still have a weakness for cupcakes.  I still admire the parents who take time to bake them in time for school fundraisers or birthday parties. I am not an avid baker though, and my body rebels when I consume gluten. But lucky for me, I have discovered an incredible local bakery that sells gluten free cupcakes.  Every time I visit Kelly’s Bakery, I feel like a child again. It takes me a lot of time to decide on the right one. Vanilla bean, chocolate, mint chocolate,  caramel or red velvet. Birthday cake, my daughter’s favourite.  And the mile high cupcake brownie my son always chooses. It is great to indulge once in a while. To sit on a tall white stool that faces the core of the city with a cupcake on my plate. Chocolate mint.




2014-05-19 10.06.20

The summer wind

moves through

the heavy

midnight black


I want to lay

down in the hammock

that hangs beneath

the magestic


and listen

to its bells

rustling with the wind.

If I close my eyes

I will think of

exuberant voices

– late mornings,

and warmth.

The kind of warmth

that settles deep inside you

every time

the bells chime-

an act of never forgetting

and relishing

in the unforgotten. -J. Hamilton