a place of light and shadows


The  frozen stream

Lays sleeping

In its white vastness

With hundreds of footprints


Across it,

And on the other side,

A long divide

-a broken surface.

No one has wanted to tread across

This uneven space

But on the smoothe Crystalline surface

Where many have walked

The frozen stream

Is like a giant white flower,

Its petals

Neatly stitched together

-an enormous quilt.

With drops of honey sunlight

And shadow of trees.

There is great beauty here

In this place of light

And shadow. J. Hamilton


I walk in snow

In a sleepy daze.

I hear the the sound of my feet

Moving across

A wintered path.


-brittle edged

Sit under naked trees

As if waiting for



For a moment

The sun appears

Taking the place of a gray slate sky

-shining like polished seaglass. -J. Hamilton