Faded letters

Faded letters.


The play of light in Michael Brennan’s gorgeous paintings


Before starting my work day I enjoy reading some articles from my
favorite Art blogs. I love learning about Artists that were alive during the 19th century, whether their style is representational or impressionist.
I try not to take too much time looking at art when work needs to be done but could spend hours looking at paintings, contemplating why a painting is so intriguing. Most often I’m drawn to paintings that have figurative or portraiture in them. The human face in a painting is most fascinating as if the secrets of the universe are hidden in them. This way of looking at paintings carries over to the world around me where I find inspiration looking at people, animals, nature and the play of light between them. -Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan’s beautiful paintings move the spirit. All of his paintings capture the essence of his particular subject. Whether it is a person, an animal or a forest, the painting comes to life. In this particular light filled painting, the little girl’s quiet energy seems to channel through.

East of the sun, West of the moon

Painting by Michael Gorman

Painting by Michael Gorman

Art moves me as much as words. Especially, paintings that tell a story, in the way that this particular painting does, by artist Michael Gorman. This gorgeous painting is part of a collection of his paintings all based on a Norwegian tale titled, East of the sun, West of the moon. I fell in love with this particular painting because of the artist’s use of colour as well as his incredible ability to create using so much detail. Every time I look at this painting, I notice subtle things I never noticed before and I am left breathless.