snapshot. For my mother


willow tree


Under your shadows
Basking in your silence
In childhood days;
My head resting on the earth
My gaze watching your outstretched limbs
Touch the sky.
This is a sacred place
Where I come
To give you my secrets
-to close my eyes
And think of your breath on my face
On a hot day.
And how I give you my dreams
And how each dream
And you hold them
In safe-keeping .

-J. Hamilton





A cool wind

moves through the trees

encircles everything that

has been soaked with rain.

Its quiet breath

cools the wings

of a resting bird,

touches the ends of a squirrel’s fanned out tail.

Great dimpled puddles

shimmer like reflecting ponds.

I walk through the grass barefoot

for no reason other than to

reach the puddles

that amazed me once

with childhood wonder.

My naked feet skim the top of the shallow water

then become submerged

in rain and soil.

It feels like standing in an  ocean

with the sandy bottom

cradling my feet,

moulding them like potter’s clay.

-J. Hamilton



I remember

A girl who I once knew

Who loved horses,

The smell of rain,

Long summer days

And the quiet sanctuary of

Her little imaginary world.

Her dream world;

Her safe cocoon.

One day, I knew it was time to leave.

The garden gate opened and we parted ways.

Now she has found a place in you.

Though I know one day you too will leave

Part from your cocoon

And fly.

But you will never forget who you were

Before you left

Your childhood. -J. Hamilton