Autumn Charms

Peregrinating The Isle Of Life

Kasatandi flowers that adorn Odisha's landscape during autumn season Kasatandi flowers that adorn Odisha’s landscape during autumn

Beauty of autumn
Sweeping the rolling, grassy expanses
Plumose, long-stalked
White, feather-duster like blossoms
Under the cerulean sky
Gracing the countryside
Delights of fall
Triggering a mellowness in spirits
Sweet youth
Standing tall

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The sky fills with leaves,

Not rain.

Darkness sails on the wings of clouds,

Settles between the charcoaled outline of trees.

the leaves are falling

So many of them,

Their bodies floating

And drifting


It is though they hang in air

For many moments

Before they make their slow


-One tree shed its leaves a long time ago.

Its skeleton


Stretched out

Toward the sky.

The leaves that once hung on this tree

Have somehow turned into crows

-their sleek black silhouettes

No longer perched along

The brittle bones of the tree

But dispersed in the air

Between its branches,

earth and sky.

J. Hamilton