Passion bouquets.

Mieux vivre Jardin

Avec les dernières fleurs et avant la décoration pour Noël et pour le temps de l’Avent, voici quelques réalisations de ces dernières semaines.

En espérant que vous apprécierez 🙂



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Frosted Zinnias

In Jim's Garden

In the curious world of culinary conundrums, there remains the quixotic question of whether it is better to eat FROSTED ZINNIAS fresh…    ???????????????????????????????

Just as the first rays of sun following the first hard frost???????????????????????????????

kiss the fabulous flower.  ???????????????????????????????

FRESH and TASTY!  ???????????????????????????????

The Divine Delicacy.  ???????????????????????????????





OR, is it preferable to be patient? To wait for the first snow…???????????????????????????????

Then eat the frozen flower with a hearty helping of frosting?  DSC07997



Hmmmmmm.  A curious question indeed!  Me?  I tend to favor FRESH over FROSTING.???????????????????????????????









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Beautiful Gifts – Seneca Street Leather

My husband knows that I love the smell of leather and that I love to write. So recently he made for me three beautiful leather items. A rustic looking pen holder, a notebook slip and a sturdy writing folder. When I look at these items, I realize they are a marriage of old meets new. He uses an old world method of dying leather with sustainable finishes, made with care,for the customer who needs a place to hold documents, pens, phones and ipads in material made to last. The hand stitching is beautiful too. He takes great pride in his work  and retreats to his workshop to make leather products for his store, Seneca Street Leather,on Etsy.
For a unique shopping experience visit:

Breathing With Leaves (Memories From School Street)

Fly Softly My Love

Dear Welly,

Today we signed the papers to sell our beautiful old house; the one we bought with you in mind and the one we brought you home to. We’ll be moving soon and I wonder what you and your sister will remember from our time here. In our last weeks here, I want to tell you some stories so that you can look back on them someday.

The trees in front of this house are big and beautiful and every year in October, the leaves carpet the lawn and porch. Today as we shuffled through the piles that you proudly raked yourself, I was remembering the first time we raked these leaves together. You were eight weeks old and I had you wrapped up onto my body on the sunniest of fall days. Your dad was going to be working late so I decided to surprise him by getting…

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